Goods To Enjoy The Day

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Who we are and what we do:

We are a  small group of craftsmen located in San Francisco, CA.  Inspired by an active, outdoor lifestyle, we created Merriment Hardware with the goal of providing hand crafted and designed goods to help you enjoy the day.  Basically, if it can be enjoyed in a park or on the beach, we intend on making it; focusing on quality, attention to detail, sustainibility and style.

In our pursuit of merriment, we fell in love with the local game of frescobol while traveling in Brazil. With this discovery, fresco paddles have become our staple product and our intention is to bring frescobol to every park, beach and open space across the globe.

How we do it:

Merriment paddles are custom made to order.  When an order is received, we begin searching for the perfect piece of reclaimed wood to make a one of a kind set of paddles. The finished result is a completely unique set of paddles that will bring a lot of fun times.

Our Commitment:

With our love for the outdoors and Merriment’s connection to open spaces, we felt it was important for us to join the cause. Therefore, 10% of all Merriment Hardware profits will go to the California State Parks Foundation’s Save Our State Parks initiative.

*Our paddles are always made from reclaimed wood and we use sustainable practices whenever and wherever possible.

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